In the UK, we carry out regular collections of new clothes and toys to distribute to children whose families live on minimal means. We do this via schools and children’s centers. During festive seasons, such as Christmas we have collected presents for children who attend Body and Soul, a charity supporting children, teenagers and adults affected by HIV and AIDS.

Inspiring Donors

Simon and Tracy
In May 2013 Simon and Tracy got married and requested donations to Raha in lieu of presents. They raised an astounding £ 3000 for our work. Thank you, Simon and Tracy!
Aki and Eric
Aki and Eric are two friends of Raha who work and play hard. They feel passionately about everyone's entitlement to an education. They say, 'It’s a must, the opportunity to live an independent life with good health and happiness.' They support Raha both financially and practically. For making it work each time, Thank you Eric and Aki!