Below are the profiles of some of the students who have completed their studies with the support of Raha International.

Name: Jeremiah
Jeremiah Kengele is Raha's first University Graduate.A qualified Aeronautical Engineer today, Jeremiah earns enough to support his family independently. His aspiration as a young teenager to become an engineer was enabled by his determination and long-term Raha donors.
Name: Mary
Mary has completed an Accountancy Degree course (Bachelor of Commerce). As a young mother, Mary found it difficult to secure funds for tuition fees. With Raha’s sponsorship, Mary was able to focus on her studies without anxiety. A university degree has empowered Mary to move forward confidently to fulfill her academic and personal goals.

Dominic, Elizabeth, Roselyn, Patrick, Margaret, Nthenya, Pauline, Mwende, Franciscah have all completed basic education.

They have better prospects of a job and self-sufficiency with a Secondary School Completion Certificate.